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The American Law Institute is jeopardizing creators' futures

The American Law Institute (ALI) is a group of judges, lawyers, and academics that produce important summaries of the law called “Restatements”. These Restatements are used as “Cliff’s Notes” or cheat sheets to figure out how the law applies.


Now the ALI is preparing a new “Restatement of Copyright” – to explain the laws that give artists control over their work and protect their right to be paid for it.


But Google-funded academics have hijacked the process.  They aren’t summarizing the law – they are trying to change it to protect Google and take away artists' rights.   It’s no surprise – in the past, these authors (or “Reporters” as the ALI calls them) have called copyright “obsolete” and “a tax on culture”.  They say internet piracy is just another form of “promotion” that “spurs innovation.”


Click below to tell help stop the ALI and tell them that lawyers funded by big tech shouldn't be able to rewrite the law.

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